Site de recherche et d’offres d’emploi en Afrique: Njorku

Kongossa avec Churchill Nanje du site de recherche et d’offres d’emplois NJORKU

fondateur de njorku

  • Present yourself in few words 
I am a Cameroonian software developer and entrepreneur, founder and CEO of, I am from the Ndian Division from a family of 6 children and I am the 5th.My mum is a nurse with the presbyterian church in Cameroon. I studied at the trustech institute of technology and also took online courses and certifications. I am a Macromedia certified professional since 2005
  • What is njorku
Njorku is a job search platform for Africans and more. Its a platform where Africans and others will be able to find employment opportunities that they are elligible for. it will work on web: and mobile:
It offers push services where candidates dont have to look for the work but the work they are looking for can meet them in terms of sms alerts, email alerts. We will be working on enterprise solutions for employers to find employees in the coming months
  • As african entrepreneur, how african startup can make money

African entrepreneurs can make money in several ways:

  1. They can do consultancy  and outsourcing that will entail building software and websites for clients and getting paid directly
  2. They can develop a solution that has alot of attention and use Google adverts to make money
  3. They can develop very innovative business solutions and make companies pay subscriptions just like Google Apps for your business
logo njorku
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7 réflexions sur “Site de recherche et d’offres d’emploi en Afrique: Njorku

  1. Uhm Congratulations, I think it is a good initiave. They are not many enterprises whose make in this activity. I hope you will continue to proper in that activity because many africans could have the opportunities to get job by this procedure.

  2. Congrats :) Just a question it’s interesting the way you want to deal with the market through mobile because i mean mobile internet is a growing market accross africa… Here is my question:

    In cameroon how have you planned to make money with your mobile app?

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